The bioenergy industry is constantly changing, and it’s hard to keep up with all of the new technological developments, regulatory announcements and industry news. Throughout 2015, we drew information and inspiration from a variety of sources, and we think media that promotes bioenergy is helping to move the industry forward. As we prepare for more advancements next year, here are some of the top bioenergy blogs to subscribe to in 2016:

Ethanol Producer Magazine: The Scoop Blog

Ethanol Producer Magazine’s Holly Jessen covers the ethanol industry in The Scoop Blog, including policy news and the latest research. Follow The Scoop Blog here.

Biofuels Digest

Biofuels Digest provides daily updates on global biofuels news, research, industry thought leadership and policy news. Biofuels Digest’s 8-Slide Guides are a quick way to keep up with different facets of the bioenergy industry. You can subscribe to their blog here.

Renewable Fuels Association E-Blog

The Renewable Fuels Association’s E-Blog offers insights and in-depth analysis of important topics in the renewable fuels industry by a panel of experts from the association. Check out the blog and subscribe here.

Better Fuels Blog

The Advanced Biofuels Association’s Better Fuels Blog highlights insights from the association, member news, industry news and awards. To keep up with the advanced biofuels industry, follow the Better Fuels Blog here.

Biomass Magazine: The Biologue Blog

Anna Simet, managing editor of Biomass Magazine, authors The Biologue Blog, which discusses the international biomass industry. The blog includes articles on recent biomass news, events and industry updates. Check out The Biologue Blog here.

Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association: Blogging for Biofuels

The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association maintains Blogging for Biofuels, a frequently-updated blog that provides updates and insights related to the renewable fuels industry in Minnesota. Though Minnesota is the focus, the blog also publishes posts that are relevant to the industry as a whole. You can read for yourself here.

Of course, here at Novozymes, we know a thing or two about bioenergy, and if you haven’t already, we hope you’ll take a moment to subscribe to Think Bioenergy to have the latest industry news delivered to your inbox. Our Think Bioenergy blog acts as a platform where the bioenergy industry can pool its experience and knowledge to move the industry forward faster.

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