The Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo is the largest, longest running ethanol conference in the world, and we’re proud to have participated so many times over its 33-year history.

We make the annual trip to FEW because it’s an opportunity to connect with our partners, customers and industry peers on a level that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Looking around the floor, it’s a who’s who of the ethanol industry. It helps us keep in touch with the concerns and challenges facing all of them.

Staying in touch with industry needs

This year’s event in Minneapolis was as exciting as any I’d seen, with industry players looking to diversify the ways that they can be better partners to producers. The producers, meanwhile, are seeking new revenue streams to help combat the tight margins they’re experiencing.

Of course, Novozymes also announced during FEW that we’re adding yeast to our portfolio of biofuel products. And our conversations with producers confirmed that this is a solid direction to go in.

But we can’t stop there. What we’re hearing is that the industry is looking to advance in areas such as corn fiber, data management and corn oil, among many others. And by keeping this open dialogue with those on the front lines and listening to our customers, we’re better able to help support the industry and move it forward.

See you in 2018

To everyone who helped make this year’s event a success—from the producers to the organizers and my colleagues at Novozymes—thank you, and I look forward to seeing you next year!

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Peter Halling

Vice President, Biofuel Commercial, Agriculture & Bioenergy at Novozymes