In an industry as fast moving as bioenergy, ensuring your workforce stays abreast of the latest advancements can be a challenge, especially because bioenergy production comprises a diverse workforce with varying levels of skills and experience. To help ethanol producers keep their crews updated, Novozymes has created Bioenergy University – an industry-specific online training platform for all learning styles and knowledge backgrounds.

Training for the industry

“The fact is we have a unique workforce consisting of different learning styles and demographics,” explains Rachel Burton, Novozymes Training Specialist. “Identifying the best training program and finding the time to implement it can be a real challenge for plants whose main focus is on driving business and maximizing profits.”

“Moreover, if you look at the number of years people have worked in the industry, many have been here for a long time. What happens when they retire or leave?”

Novozymes’ Bioenergy University is intended to be a knowledge and learning platform for both the new entrants as well as the more experienced professionals well-versed in the intricacies of biobased fuel production. It facilitates knowledge transfer between both new and seasoned employees. In doing so, it ensures new employees quickly come up to speed while long-term employees continue to advance.

Flexibility and versatility for all

Bioenergy University responds to the growing demand for more comprehensive training tools tailored to the needs of the ethanol industry. Designed to serve as a content hub of webinars, videos, and other educational material, this eLearning portal is accessible online anytime, anywhere, and on any mobile device. It features three training tracks – beginner, advanced and expert – each developed to cater to the needs of different users.

Learners can track their progress and enroll in courses that suit their requirements. Upon completing a course, they are also awarded a certificate, and the training can be used to record employees’ readiness for advancement, as plants see fit.

Critical Oil Quality Issues Screenshot

Critical Yeast Cell Components

Two screenshots taken from Bioenergy University modules.

The goal of the Bioenergy University is to offer the industry a training platform that is flexible, customized, and interactive. We want to provide the information to help businesses gain a competitive edge via a well-trained workforce. Novozymes is committed to working as a partner with our customers to help realize profitability, and Bioenergy University is one more step in achieving this aspiration.

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I work in the Bioenergy group as a Launch Manager. I work closely with R&D, technical service, sales, and all the support functions to coordinate the activities associated with new product or service launches- including trialing products, preparation of sales materials, and product QC and supply. Working on the launch of both Ethanol Challenge and the upcoming Bioenergy University has been really fun, since it’s so different from a new product introduction.

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