Biofuel use in fleet vehicles is on the rise, advanced ethanol gains another opportunity and the 2016 Fuel Ethanol Workshop is fast approaching. Catch up on industry advancements you may have missed from last week:


Aemetis nabs exclusive California rights to LanzaTech’s advanced ethanol tech

Aemetis Inc., a biorefining and cellulosic technology company, has acquired the rights to carbon recycling company LanzaTech’s patented technology to convert agricultural, forest, dairy and construction and demolition wastes to ethanol in California. This technology will enable Aemetis to produce advanced ethanol valued as much as $3 per gallon more than traditional ethanol. Read the full article on Biofuels Digest.

2016 FEW announces technical sessions agenda

The 2016 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo, the world’s largest and longest running ethanol conference, has released its agenda featuring more than 140 speakers. From June 20-23 in Milwaukee, Wis., experts will discuss industry issues categorized into four tracks: production and operations, leadership and financial management, coproducts and product diversification and infrastructure and market development. Early registration ends May 11. Read the full article on Ethanol Producer Magazine.

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Courtney Beck

Courtney's career has spanned all areas of production agriculture, and she loves advocating for an industry with the potential to change the world. Outside of work, Courtney enjoys riding her horses, Josie and Vinci, and turning the music all the way up.