Why advancing the biorefining platform is essential for a carbon-neutral world

The world is only at the beginning of a transformative battle against climate change. To win, small-scale changes driven by individuals or individual companies are not enough. We need to commit to industrial strategies and policy frameworks that can deliver both economic growth and lower carbon emissions.

What’s more, we need to take action today. But what can we do to move faster towards finding solutions to climate change?

Using expert energy analyses of future scenarios that achieve a climate target of maximum 2° temperature rise, Novozymes has presented a pragmatic yet radical path forward. This vision unites green technologies in an energy matrix that capitalizes on the complementarity of green electrons and green carbon. The technologies are used to produce power, fuel, and hydrocarbon feedstock useful in many different sectors.

Download the free report to read more about this proposal. After all, while the battle may be difficult, our obstacles are surmountable and shouldn’t deter us from our common goal.

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Geoff Hayward

Communications Advisor at Novozymes
Geoff writes about Bioenergy for the Communications team at Novozymes. When he isn’t advocating for an industry that’s changing the world for the better, he can be found on a North Carolina bike path or playing slide guitar.