On Tuesday Growth Energy held a tour to visit two local Minnoco fueling stations in Minneapolis for its partners and members. Minnoco has 400 independent fuel retail locations across Minnesota. Minnoco (Minnesota Independent Oil Company) is a brand of gasoline developed for the members of the MSSA (Minnesota Service Station & Convenience Store Association) by the members of the MSSA. Allowing members of the Association the opportunity to own and control their own brand of fuel while offering alternative renewable fuels such as Diesel, E85, E30, E15, 87, 89 and 91 octane fuels.

Growth Energy directs tour to Minnoco plant

The first tour stop was Kaposia Convenience Center owned and operated by Roger Green. This retail location has been offering E15 since January and marketed as ‘Unleaded Plus’. They have been offering the fuel since January and average about 36,000 gallons per month in sales, equivalent to 24% of their total fuel sales.

American Ethanol Racecar next to E85 pump

The second tour stop was the Marshall Cretin Minnoco owned and operated by Steve Anderson. Here the tour group was surprised to see the American Ethanol show car on display, roaring its engine and drawing eyeballs and cameras from up and down the block. At both locations, the price of E15 was at least 10 cents below regular unleaded gasoline. Both operators explained how the fuel has been very well received, sales are growing and there have been no problems with consumers or their engines. At this retail location, E15 comprises 45% of their total fuel sales with E15 surpassing sales of regular gasoline!

Minnoco is off to a great start with 21 locations currently offering E15 and an estimated one million gallons of E15 sold for their entire brand thus far in 2015. The Marshall Creek retailer projects that they will be selling 1.4 million gallons of E15 annually at their site alone. But Minnoco isn’t stopping there. The group is also planning to build the first-ever E15-blended fuel terminal in the U.S. – this would allow them to bring in pre-blended fuel straight to their locations without having to build on-site blending pumps and tanks.

E85 and E15 pumping station

If this is just an early glimpse at what the U.S. can do with E15, it is clear why big oil is more nervous than ever about renewable fuel and our bright future ahead.

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