Tom Murphy of Novozymes, Dan Sanders and Kurt Felker of Front Range Energy, and Tom Kortuem of Novozymes hold a check for the winning Avantec® Amp bid.

Congratulations to Growth Energy for another, and their most successful to date, live auction during the 7th Annual Executive Leadership Conference — an exclusive event for Growth Energy members. The organization raised over $650,000 this year, an increase from the already-significant $330,000 raised last year.

All of the proceeds will go to the Growth Energy Cares fund and will result in one-time donations to various charities, service and educational groups in the United States. This money will give these groups new opportunities to expand their outreach in serving their neighbors and communities.

Shout-out to Front Range Energy and Marquis Energy!

A big thank you goes to Dan Sanders and Kurt Felker of Front Range Energy for the their generous winning bid for a truckload of Avantec® Amp, donated by Novozymes. Another big thank you goes to Mark Marquis of Marquis Energy for the winning bid on a spur of the moment Novozymes donation for a second truckload of Avantec® Amp.

Novozymes is proud to partner with Growth Energy and ethanol producers to support and fight for the industry’s future. To learn more about Growth Energy or to become a member, visit their website at

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Jack Rogers

I am responsible for the global marketing of our enzyme products and associated services used in ethanol production.I’ve spent the last 9 years working to grow the market for ethanol globally, and bring products to market that increase production efficiency and improve the bottom line for producers.