Next week, thousands of ethanol industry professionals from more than 30 countries will gather at the International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo (FEW) in Milwaukee, WI. And for many, the focus of the event will be on the world-class presentations related to commercial-scale ethanol production.

This year, Novozymes will be giving three presentations—chosen by an abstract rating committee of nearly 40 industry experts—and we’ll be previewing each in a three-part series leading up to the event, starting today.

Laurie Duval: Unlocking your plant data’s potential

Increasingly, data related to your plant is becoming more readily available. At the same time, it’s becoming more important—both for your business and your processes—that you understand what all that data is telling you.

But having huge amounts of data isn’t the only problem. The data itself is disconnected, it’s in various formats, and if it’s not in real time, then it’s getting older and less relevant by the day.

“Good data management and analytics is a key way to drive optimization,” said Novozymes Technical Service Manager Laurie Duval. “Right now, plants don’t take advantage of using all of their data to make the best decisions. And I think by understanding and implementing improved data management solutions, we have a great opportunity to help Novozymes’ customers make the right statistical decisions to optimize their processes.”

On Wednesday, June 22, Duval will present the topic of “Unlocking the Potential of Your Plant Data for Profitability” at FEW 2016. There, she’ll explain how Novozymes’ trained scientists can help you focus on the data that matters most, so you can make faster decisions and optimize results. It’s a topic she recently also addressed in Ethanol Producer Magazine’s on-demand webinar series.

The talk will take place as part of Track 1 in Room 101 from 8:30 to 10 a.m.

Will you be attending FEW 2016?

If so, be sure to stop by Novozymes’ booth, #323, at the Expo’s Coffee Bar and Lounge — refuel, keep an eye on real-time crush margins and commodity pricing, and enter to win a four-ticket NASCAR prize package!

In the meantime, follow along on Twitter using #FEW16, and check back here for daily updates. Read our recent post to see how we’ll be participating at this year’s event.

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