A major new report posits that if done right, bioenergy can provide major benefits for people, the economy, and the environment.

On April 14 the “Bioenergy & Sustainability” report was released. Led by researchers associated with the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), the report offers a comprehensive global analysis of a range of issues related to the sustainability of bioenergy production and use and was developed under the aegis of the Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE). SCOPE is an interdisciplinary organization established in 1969 that provides scientific reviews and expertise on key global environmental issues.

The report – which is more than 700 pages long – was developed over two years and was the result of contributions from 137 experts from 24 countries and 82 institutions. It covers issues including energy systems, food production, environmental and climate security, and sustainable development. It also offers science-based recommendations for policy formulation and for the deployment of a range of bioenergy use options.

According to the report’s executive summary, “There is broad consensus that modern bioenergy will be necessary to achieve a low-carbon future. The idea that the large-scale use of bioenergy compromises efforts to meet these challenges is unsupported by the current scientific evidence when bioenergy practices are implemented properly.”

One of our senior sustainability researchers, Jesper Hedal Kløverpris, had this to say about the report:

This is the ultimate go-to source on bioenergy. It is a comprehensive and inter-disciplinary expert work, extensively reviewed, addressing basically all aspects of sustainability. It refutes common misconceptions and shows how bioenergy can provide major benefits for the environment and support food and energy security. Hopefully, this will help to ensure the political support and frameworks necessary to unleash the full potential of sustainable bioenergy.

Download a free copy of the report on the FAPESP website
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