This June, thousands of ethanol industry professionals from more than 30 countries will gather at the International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo (FEW) in Minneapolis, MN. And for many, the focus of the event will be on the world-class presentations related to commercial-scale ethanol production.

This year, Novozymes will be giving five presentations—chosen by an abstract rating committee of industry experts—and we will be previewing each in a five-part series leading up to the event.

Nathan Anderson: Simplified, in-plant carbohydrate measurement

Ethanol producers use starch measurements daily when measuring the value of incoming grain, determining the fermentable materials remaining in DDGS co-product, and as a plant performance indicator.

In some cases, employee bonuses and incentives are based partially on these values. And yet, in some plants, these numbers are considered so unreliable that they are summarily dismissed.

Those are just a few of the reasons why Novozymes has been working to develop a new approach to measuring total carbohydrates, according to Novozymes Senior Scientist Nathan Anderson, Ph.D.

“While commercial kits are available for in-house measurement of starch or fermentable materials, often the task is laborious and time-consuming,” Anderson said. “Samples are more often sent out for analysis by feed labs, where results vary and a one-week turnaround time is normal.”

In his presentation at FEW, Anderson will discuss how the results and reliability of Novozymes’ new method compare to those commonly used in many feed labs.

“This simple, affordable method—employing a combination of well-known, advanced grind and enzyme technology and standard ethanol plant laboratory techniques—not only requires limited hands-on work, but also produces results on par with the best commercial analyses available today,” he added.

Anderson will present his topic titled “Simplified, In-plant Measurement of Total Carbohydrates: Greater Insight into Plant Operations” on Tuesday, June 20. The talk will take place as part of Track 1 in Room 101 HI from 1:30 to 3 p.m.

Will you be attending FEW 2017?

If so, be sure to stop by Novozymes’ booth, #1021, at the Expo’s Coffee Bar and Lounge — refuel, and feel free to chat up the on-hand Novozymes representatives about our newest products, services and training solutions!

In the meantime, follow along on Twitter using #FEW17, and check back here for updates.

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Geoff Hayward

Communications Advisor at Novozymes
Geoff writes about Bioenergy for the Communications team at Novozymes. When he isn’t advocating for an industry that’s changing the world for the better, he can be found on a North Carolina bike path or playing slide guitar.