Earlier today, Novozymes announced the launch of Avantec® Amp, an advanced enzyme product that brings multiple benefits and flexibility to the ethanol industry.

Enzymes are a crucial facet of the biofuel production process. After corn (the key raw material for ethanol plants in the US) is harvested, the kernels are ground into corn meal, and water is added to make a mash. Enzymes are then used to convert the starch in the mash to sugar, which can then be fermented to produce ethanol. Avantec Amp does this more efficiently than any other enzyme product in the market place.

Improved ethanol yield

Avantec Amp combines multiple enzyme activities into one product: An alpha-amylase that contains side activity of protease—eliminating the need for an additional protease. It surpasses competing enzyme solutions by squeezing more ethanol from each kernel of corn and enabling increased output from the ethanol plant, thus saving energy and water.

More corn oil

Moreover, by freeing up oil bound in the corn germ, Avantec Amp can increase corn oil extraction, an increasingly important revenue stream in the industry.

More nitrogen savings

Avantec Amp also greatly reduces the need for urea or ammonia addition during the fermentation process. Urea, which is used to improve the fermentation of ethanol, can be cut by more than 70%. For ethanol plants, this reduction results in less need for storage and handling, greater safety, and lower costs.

Only with Avantec Amp can you gain maximum corn oil yield, maintain ethanol production, replace your current protease and significantly reduce chemical usage. All in all, a typical ethanol facility can up annual returns by $2.5 million. Read the press release on Novozymes’ corporate website.

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Courtney Beck

Courtney's career has spanned all areas of production agriculture, and she loves advocating for an industry with the potential to change the world. Outside of work, Courtney enjoys riding her horses, Josie and Vinci, and turning the music all the way up.