The Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals (SBFC) has awarded Novozymes with its 2015 Bioeconomy Leadership Award. The award recognizes companies that “demonstrate sustained leadership excellence” in accelerating the launch of a bio-based economy.

The award was presented on April 30 at the 37th Annual SBFC Symposium, a conference where industry leaders and experts discuss the latest research, developments, and biomass conversion technologies for fuel and chemical production.

Novozymes was recognized for delivering robust bioconversion technology to the advanced biofuels and renewable chemicals industry—an industry dependent on inexpensive sugars derived from biomass. Specifically, Novozymes’ Cellic® products represent the pinnacle of 15 years of extensive laboratory research, innovative scientific discovery, and close collaboration with technical and commercial partners.

Janine Lin Peter Biely and Phil Madson

Novozymes Janine Lin with Katzen Award Winner Phil Madson (left) and Scott Award Winner Peter Biely (right).

In 2009 Novozymes launched its Cellic® CTec and HTec products, providing an effective enzyme cocktail for large-scale testing in advanced biofuel pilot plants. By 2010, Cellic® CTec2 became the first commercially-viable cellulase, enabling operation of a number of demonstration-scale plants. The strong performance of CTec2 favorably impacted production economies such that planning for the first commercial-scale plants began to accelerate.

Cellic® CTec3 and HTec3 launched in 2012 and enabled the first biorefineries to start commercial-scale production. The past two years have marked the launch of commercial scale production, with cellulosic biorefineries that utilize biochemical conversion technology coming online from five companies: Beta-Renewables, GranBio, Raizen, Poet, and Abengoa.

In light of Novozymes’ alliance with Beta-Renewables and its continued work with previously-existing partnerships, Novozymes is focused on tailoring enzymes for industry frontrunners. While the broadly effective Cellic® product lines have helped to enable the industry launch, further unique process cost reductions have been achieved through optimization at each individual plant.

To learn more about the 2015 Bioeconomy Leadership Award or to view past winners, visit SBFC’s website.

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Claus Crone Fuglsang

Claus began work for Novozymes in 2002 as Director responsible for Novozymes Protein Chemistry area and Pharmaceutical Protein Development. In 2008, Claus transferred to the US and attained global responsibility for Novozymes R&D efforts in Bioenergy with focus on cellulosic ethanol. And, in May 2012, Claus became Vice President and head of Novozymes Bioenergy R&D worldwide with research groups in Denmark, Brazil, China and the US covering programs in starch-based fuel, biodiesel and cellulosic fuel.

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