Next month, Novozymes will host the “Effective Fermentation Management” workshop, the latest of the company’s “Industry Excellence Workshops” initiative. The seminar will be held on July 15 and 16 (Wednesday-Thursday) at the Hilton Garden Inn in Council Bluffs, IA.

Industry Excellence Workshops are interactive, business-focused training sessions that go beyond off-the-shelf training packages. Specifically focused on the growth and development of your business, these training workshops are based on customer feedback, and are designed to help you achieve operational and management excellence.

Together we will explore individual participant and plant needs, connect to uncover challenges your teams face, identify and test solutions, and help each person bring home tools that are real, immediate, and actionable.

These workshops will help you accelerate growth and development for consistent, efficient operations that support your corporate culture, growth and operational goals.

Effective Fermentation Management workshop

You are the expert at running your plant, and we want to partner with you by providing the opportunity to enhance your skills at optimizing fermentation. The “Effective Fermentation Management” workshop will provide insights into the basic theoretical and practical aspects of fermentation science as well as well-developed tools you can use to improve process performance, drive higher throughput, and increase yield.

These workshops are offered exclusively to Novozymes’ customers throughout the year. Contact your Novozymes account manager or technical service scientist to express your interest and find out if they are right for your plant.

View topics of Novozymes’ other workshops:

Maintenance Managers Workshop

Achieve significant efficiencies and cost savings by empowering your Maintenance Managers to take their maintenance program to the next level. This workshop focuses on preventative and predictive maintenance excellence for programs at any stage of development and budget. The program includes better practice sharing, hands-on practice, and presentations from major equipment suppliers in the industry. Participants will leave with immediate solutions for immediate implementation, and a network for future collaboration.

Golden Batch Workshop

Designed to improve the utilization of plant data through the use of statistical analysis, this workshop is a basic training in process performance and well-developed tools. It will help your laboratory staff maximize fermentation performance and profitability by focusing on identifying optimal process conditions for more consistent plant performance.

Frontline Leader Workshop

Novozymes is working with P4 Consulting to bring you a leadership workshop for frontline leaders. This course offers techniques for focused, responsible and accountable plant operations teams. The focus is on workplace respect, responsibility, conflict resolution, cooperation, and coaching techniques for frontline leaders. Participants will leave with an understanding of management styles, how to effectively communicate and coach staff working to enhance productivity, development, and workplace environment.

Advanced Laboratory Workshop

A hands-on lecture and laboratory workshop designed to help lab managers hone lab processes and give clarity for critical plant optimization decision-making. Laboratory procedures, statistical analysis, and sharing of better practices make this course a top priority for plants seeking data-driven decision-making power. Participants leave with lab procedures, insight into communicating data effectively, and expansion of data-driven decision making.

Operator Training and Certification Workshop

Created to help plants design or improve their operator training and certification programs, this workshop shares Novozymes’ programs and facilitates better practice sharing for development and implementation at your site. Participants leave with ideas, templates and tools for implementation at your site.

Executive Summit

Designed to facilitate small group discussions in order to gain insight into industry influencers, and to uncover opportunities for efficiency and profitability improvements. This unique executive experience focuses on important and near-term decision points. Participants will also leave with an expanded industry network.


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