Last month, fuel ethanol and animal feed producer Pannonia Ethanol hosted the 2015 Agro Inno Show near its headquarters in Tola County, Hungary. The event, the first of its kind, was held to share global trends and technologies with the domestic agricultural production industry in Europe and abroad. The agenda illustrated how innovation can help farmers increase resource efficiency and create more value of existing fields.

Biorefining, the process of “refining” multiple products from biomass, is an example of an innovative tool with a bright future.

“We wanted to celebrate with our partners, our farmers, to celebrate our common future,” said Zoltan Reng, CEO at Pannonia Ethanol Zrt. “So we invited them and presented the latest and best, all the necessary tools they need to be able to supply their precious products for the future consumers, whether it is for food or for biorefineries. Our goal was to ensure them that investing into their land is worthwhile as many new markets for their goods will appear in the near future, and all for good reasons: to provide food and help climate by replacing fossil fuels to bio materials. Nearly 1,000 farmers attended the Show and all said would come back next year.”

The 2015 Agro Inno Show was an impressive event that brought together local farmers and illustrated a high-tech vision for the future of agriculture by demonstrating the most advanced prevision farming tools in practice today.

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Anders Kristoffersen

Public Affairs Manager at Novozymes
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