DuPont Opens World’s Largest Cellulosic Ethanol Plant, in Iowa

DuPont opened a 30 million gallon cellulosic ethanol plant in Nevada, Iowa, becoming the world’s largest cellulosic biofuels refinery to date. The majority of the fuel produced at the facility will be bound for California in order to fulfill the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard. The plant will also serve as a commercial-scale demonstration of cellulosic technology for investors across the globe to replicate in their home regions. Read the full article on Biofuels Digest.

Biodiesel Poll: 80% of US Votes Support a Renewable Fuel Standard

A recent national survey shows that biodiesel is increasing in popularity among alternative fuel sources. Support for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is also on the rise, according to the National Biodiesel Board (NBB). The survey showed that despite drops in oil and gas prices, public support for renewable fuels has not been affected. Read the full article on Biofuels International.

Biofuel Companies among 81 signing Climate Change Pledge

At least 11 of the 81 companies that have signed on to support the American Business Act on Climate Pledge have ties to the biofuel industry. These companies include Abengoa Bioenergy U.S., Aemetis, Cargill, DSM North America, Fulcrum Bioenergy, Novozymes, Poet, Siemens Corporation, and others. The pledge includes goals to reduce emissions by as much as 50%, water use by as much as 80%, and to purchase 100% renewable energy. Read the full article on Ethanol Producer Magazine.

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