Bioenergy accounts for 60% of EU renewable energy

According to a 2015 bioenergy outlook report released by the European Biomass Association, bioenergy accounts for more than 60% of all renewable energy consumed by European Union member states. Furthermore, Eastern European countries such as Estonia, Poland, and Latvia rely even more heavily on bioenergy, which represents more than 85% of renewable energy consumed. Read the full article on Bioenergy Insight.

USDA Announces $210M for Biofuels Infrastructure

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced on Oct. 28 that the USDA is partnering with 21 states and private partners to nearly double the number of fueling pumps nationwide that supply renewable fuels to American motorists. In May of this year, the USDA announced the Biofuel Infrastructure Partnership (BIP), and with matching commitments by state and private entities, the BIP will invest $210 million to strengthen and improve biofuels infrastructure across the country. Read the full article on Biofuels Digest.

All Indonesian airliners will be obliged to use aviation biofuels in 2018

Starting in 2018, all airline companies operating in Indonesia will be required to use aviation biofuel for their aircraft, The Ministry of Transportation said last Friday Oct. 23. The new regulations come as the Indonesian Government tries to reduce air pollution in the country and promote palm oil as a viable aviation biofuel. Read the full article on Global Indonesia Voices.

Analyst describes improvements in Brazil ethanol industry

According to Luis Ferreira Alvarez, analyst with Stratas Advisors, ethanol may be among Brazil’s few stable sectors in the upcoming months. In the wake of the Petrobras scandal, the Brazilian government shifted policy, reinstating the infrastructure tax on gasoline and raising gasoline prices in late 2014. Both policy changes made ethanol more competitive with traditional oil and gasoline. The government also implemented an ethanol blending mandate increase from 25% to 27%. Read the full article on Ethanol Producer Magazine.

Novozymes launches biofuel enzyme to boost growth in the U.S.

Novozymes announced the launch of Avantec Amp, an advanced enzyme product that improves yield and throughput in corn ethanol production, while increasing corn oil extraction and significantly reducing the need for several harsh chemicals used in ethanol production. By switching from standard enzyme technology, a typical ethanol plant can make up to $2.5 million per year in additional net profits based on a 110 million gallon capacity. Read the full article on Ethanol Producer Magazine.

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