Two developments in the biofuels industry came to light last week that could significantly reduce the cost of production. From a cheaper, non-food feedstock to a new category of enzymes, check out these must-read stories that you may have missed from last week.

A new, renewable, drop-in, waste-based fuel emerges, competitive with $30 oil

$30 oil has met its match. A new drop-in biofuels process is being developed in Germany and Portugal that will significantly slash the cost of bioconversion. The new biogasoline blendstock will be made from waste residues, drastically cutting feedstock costs and increasing yields per ton of biomass. Read the full article on Biofuels Digest.

NREL discovery could lead to cheaper cellulosic fuels

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the BioEnergy Science Center found that a common microorganism, Clostridium thermocellum, could reduce the cost of producing cellulosic ethanol. It already possesses both an external cellulase system and the internal metabolic pathways to convert biomass to ethanol. Read the full article on Ethanol Producer Magazine.

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