The USDA announced two significant sources of grant funding for biofuels development and research, and the Deputy Secretary of Agriculture met with Mexican leaders to work on expanding the renewable fuels sector. Check out these must-read stories from last week:


Ethanol Industry Leaders are Mexico Bound

Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, Michael Scuse, brought a team of U.S. ethanol leaders to Mexico on May 24 and 25 to discuss and explore how to expand both the U.S.’s and Mexico’s renewable energy sectors. Mexico remains a significant trade opportunity for the U.S. due to its interest in burning a cleaner and more economical fuel, and reducing harmful fossil fuel imports. Scuse’s team will meet with various officials and legislators to share their experience with both production of ethanol and the development of various policies to support renewable fuels. To read more about how Mexico can establish an economically feasible ethanol industry, check out this article on Ethanol Producer.


USDA announces application periods for BCAP

The USDA Farm Service Agency has announced that incentives will resume this month through the Biomass Crop Assistant Program. This program provides financial assistance to farmers and ranchers alike who establish new crops for energy biomass. Farmers who harvest and deliver agricultural residues to facilities that create energy or biobased products are also eligible. The program has nearly $3 million available for aid this year. Check out more information by reading this article from Biomass Magazine.


$21 Million Available To Support Bioenergy and Biobased Products

On May 20, the USDA announced the availability of $21 million dollars to support systems producing and searching sustainable bioenergy and biobased products. The funding will also be used to support the next generation of scientists that will be expanding on the success of renewable and sustainable energy. This large grant serves as the Obama Administration’s last investment into the biobased economy. Learn more about what this grant could fund, as well as more opportunities from AFRI’s grant program from Farm Futures.

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Courtney Beck

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