This week’s news roundup showcases some positive biofuel industry statistics, from a notable rise in U.S. ethanol exports to a seasonal ethanol market upswing. Plus, read about a study showing which energy industry segment is proving itself to be a good fit for veterans.

Veterans make up nearly 20% of ethanol workforce

A new Department of Energy study on employment in the U.S. energy sector shows that America’s ethanol industry employs a significantly larger share of military veterans—relative to each industry’s total workforce—than any other segment of the energy industry. Nearly one in five ethanol industry employees is a veteran (18.9%), compared to a national average of 7% across all sectors of the workforce.

For more details, visit Biofuels International or view the DOE study.

U.S. ethanol and DDGS exports jump in February

U.S. ethanol exports hit 138.0 million gallons (mg) in February, the third-highest monthly volume on record, according to government data analyzed by the Renewable Fuels Association.

Brazil was again the top customer, taking in more than one-third of all U.S. ethanol exports (50.8 mg, or 37%) but 14% less than record shipments to Brazil in January. Canada also decreased its purchases in February with 24.7 mg (18% of total exports) entering the country. Sales to India, however, nearly doubled from the prior month, increasing from 13.2 mg to 24.3 mg. Year-to-date exports stood at 259.8 mg, up nearly 70% from the year-ago total of 154.1 mg.

For more on this story visit the Renewable Fuels Association blog.

Ethanol markets on seasonal upswing

After hitting a six-month low the second week of March, April ethanol contracts gained buyer support over the rest of the month as seasonal buying moved into the market. Traders have moved into both ethanol and RBOB gasoline markets over the past several weeks as commercial buying increases ahead of the spring and summer driving season. The current price of gasoline is also likely to spark increased sales and driving activity over the next several months.

Get more analysis of the current market situation and predictions at Ethanol Producer Magazine.

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